Trail Etiquette

Hikers’ recommendations to better preserve this piece of paradise:

Please stay on the trail and use existing campsites.

Minimize the impact of fire by using a portable stove or using existing fire rings and keeping the fire small using only dead wood.

Please take back all your waste (and more), including leftover food and toilet paper.

Please dispose of human excrement and used dishwater at least 60 meters (200 feet) away from the campsite and all water sources.

To dispose of excrement, please dig a hole at least 15 cm (6 inches) square and deep. Cover it over after use.

It’s best to leave the plants and other natural objects like you found them so everyone can enjoy them.

Respect the fauna, especially during reproduction or nesting, by observing them at a distance and avoiding to feed them.

If you can’t master your domestic pet on the trail, it’s best to leave him at home.

Please be respectful to other trail users by keeping the trail clean and avoiding excessive unnecessary noises.

Now go ENJOY nature and be grateful for this day!

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