Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail

Preservation of natural environment and cultural heritage with education and tourism.

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An internationally known multi-day single track hiking trail linking the great Appalachian trail in Mount Carleton to the Bay of Chaleur and highlighting the rich cultural and natural heritage of the Nepisiguit River basin.


  • Finish the construction of the 147 km single track hiking trail, from Daly Point Nature Reserve in Bathurst to Mount Carleton Park, making accessible the enjoyment of the natural beauty of the ancient Appalachian Mountains and the mighty Nepisiguit River.
  • Create a well organized system for continuous maintenance of the trail and camping facilities, by assigning each of 20 sections of the trail to a sponsor and main volunteer.
  • Recognize and highlight the rich cultural heritage with a strong partnership with Pabineau First Nation.
  • Promote good trail and camping facilities etiquette to protect this precious natural environment.
  • Help create great events such as the Defi Nepisiguit Challenge and many organized group outings.
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