Conservation Efforts

The Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail Organization (SNMT) is committed to forest and wildlife conservation and, in particular, to minimize the human impact on natural habitats and wildlife along the trail.

The SNMT follows best practices and guidelines laid out by the New Brunswick Crowns Lands branch and the Department of Environment.

More protection for the Trail!

In December 2020, members of the SNMT approached the NB Government for help in protecting the trail. This was followed up by submissions of supporting documents and a meeting with Natural Resources and Energy Development Minister Mike Holland.

On July 14, 2022 Minister Holland announced that as part of the province's Nature Legacy Program, 11,190 hectares of the Nepisiguit River watershed would be given a new protective status. Most of these hectares are concentrated around Mt. Carleton Park but a narrow “green” corridor now runs on either side of the river from the Park to Nepisiguit Falls, a distance of around 100 km. For the most part, the Trail lies in the corridor and therefore it is now protected as well.

The communique clarifies that the protected area provides important habitat to conserve the province’s biodiversity but that “people can continue to enjoy activities like hiking, camping and hunting”. However, industrial activities such as timber harvesting, mining, quarrying and land development are restricted.

Of course, our Trail is 150 km long and the remaining 50 km from Nepisiguit Falls to the Daly Point Nature Reserve travel through both crown and private lands. The SNMT will continue to work to have trail protected here as well.

Leave No Trace

Be a low-impact hiker. Hike only along the marked Trail. Do not take short cuts. Leave flowers and plants for others to enjoy. Do not damage trees or strip bark from trees. Leave the Trail cleaner than you found it. What you carry in, you must carry out including leftover food and toilet paper. Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints.

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