Notice to all hikers regarding Teepee and Platform reservations.


After much review, the Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Tail (SNMT) organization has decided all campsites will be free to hikers on a first come first serve basis. This includes all teepees, platforms and shelters. This will take effect immediately upon the opening of the SNMT starting June 1, 2022. All hikers are still required to register their multi-day and thru hikes on .


Due to this decision, the SNMT will no longer be using the Parks NB online reservation system.



Hiking Registrations opening March 1, 2022


Due to the rising interest of the Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail, the trail organization has decided to open hiking registrations early. Hiking Registrations will open Tuesday, March 1st 2022. Please note when planning your hike that the trail will only officially open Wednesday June 1st 2022.


We urge all hikers to visit our website for information about the trail and what you will need to plan your hike. Also, purchasing a map and guidebook would be beneficial in planning and understanding the layout of the trail.

Follow the link to the article about the SNMT that was featured in National Geographic's 25 amazing journeys for 2022.


National Geographic 25 amazing journeys for 2022

Trail to be featured in National Geographic Traveller Magazine online


The editor of National Geographic Travel contacted the trail organization and the Nepisiguit Mi'gmaq Trail is going to be featured in one of the places to visit in the Nat Geo adventure travel. The entry is part of a larger roundup of inspiring global destinations that Nat Geo is encouraging readers to visit once travel fully reopens.
The article featuring the trail goes live on in December. It’s part of a big end of the year special section.
It will also be published in the Polish version.

The forest fire near Mount Carleton is now contained. Hikers can now use trail.


The forest fire near Mount Carleton is now contained. Hikers can use the entire trail.


Read here for news on the Fire near Mount Carleton

Retired Forester recognized for his efforts in establishing the Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail.


On Saturday June 19, Rod O’Connell was recognized with a beautiful plaque for his role in the recommissioning of the Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail among his colleagues from the Maritime College of Forest Technology campus Bathurst and the grass roots volunteers of the trail organization. Rod O’Connell was the founding director of the francophone campus of the Maritime Forest Ranger School and in his retirement sits as the President of the Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail organization.


The Plaque with a dedication to Rod O’Connell was placed on the trail at one of his favourite spots which has been officially named Rod O’Connell Lookout. The lookout is a breathtaking view of the river high on a ridge on section I-J which can be located on the trail map.


The Plaque reads,


Rod O’Connell was the founding director of the francophone campus of the Maritime Forest Ranger School.


Rod, through his vision, passion and dedication was a major inspiration in the realization of the Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail.


Take the time to enjoy this view of the Nepisiguit River Valley, one of Rod O’Connell’s favourite spots.


Congratulations and thank you from the entire trail organization, volunteers and sponsors.  A special thank you from all who have and will continue to enjoy this beautiful trail.


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