Thru Hiking

Thru Hiking

A person, a pair or a group who plan to hike the entire 150km’s of Trail from trailhead to trailhead in one challenge.

(For safety reasons, all Thru hikers including solo, pairs and groups are required register their hike with the trail organization.) One person can be designated as pair or group leader and register for their group by following the guidelines in the hiking registration.

Completing the entire 150km of the Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail is a great personal challenge. In the past few years, there have been an increase of hikers who attempt a thru hike; only 50% will complete the trail in one attempt.

A typical thru hiker can expect to hike the entire trail from 6 to 12 days, depending on their physical and mental preparedness. The average hiker hikes between 20km and 25km per day depending on section difficulty.

Each hiker is responsible for a hiking plan. Registration, camping rules and regulations Know your entry point, entry date and expected exit location and exit date. Plan your food resupply at our food drop box. See, -Planning for your Hike

Advantages of Thru Hiking

  • Taking time to hike and unplug from daily life.
  • After the first day you find your pace and you’re in good hiking shape.
  • Able to connect with nature and the environment without breaking and going back to daily life too soon.

Remember by choosing which trail head to start from is depending on where you want to finish. Study and understand all the access points on the trail in case of early exit when making your hiking plan.

Trail markers and trail signs

The entire trail is marked in both directions with reflecting Mi’gmaq turtle logo markers. There are also km markers at every 5km. Trail Access points are marked with a turtle logo sign on white background.

How long does it take to complete the trail?

To complete the entire Mi’gmaq Trail (150 Km), hiking times can vary between 6 and 12 days depending on the weather, trail conditions and your ability. Plan for delays and allocate extra time. Although the guidebook assumes hikers are starting at Daily Point (Bathurst), the Trail can be done in either direction.

The Trail crosses several roads but there are no towns nor resupply points for the entire length of the Trail! If your starting point is at Daly Point, you will find all amenities in nearby Bathurst. If your starting point is Mt Carleton Park, there are no services, and the nearest town is 41 km away (Saint Quentin, NB). You must arrive there with all your essentials - camping gear, food, water and of course a full tank of gas.

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